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Z-Place Pizza place offers a great ambiance which is soothing, ensuring that your dining is special. You are sure to taste a perfect blend of spices all combined to make the wings just the right taste for your palate. It is definitely a feeling that you wouldn’t trade for anything in the world; sitting with your family while enjoying a delicious meal at Z-Place Pizza. The beauty and the elegantly placed furnishings of our restaurant are simply amazing.

We are not only situated in Roanoke, IN; we are spread across other areas like Huntington, Markle, Columbia City and North Manchester. We source most of our ingredients and products, including chicken, locally. You will definitely enjoy the distinct difference our dining experience offers, with food that is not only appealing to the eyes but to the palate too. Our staff is well trained to offer nothing short of professional service, and you will be in for a great ride at Z-Place Pizza. If you live nearby, ensure that you take the time to visit any of our restaurants for an extraordinary dining experience.

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