Are you a chicken lover and you are looking for the best place serving chicken dishes that you can enjoy? Are you living in Columbia City, IN and you wish to get a restaurant that will cater to your needs? If you searched for the best restaurants in Columbia City, IN and cities surrounding like Huntington and Roanoke, you should be able to see Z-Place Pizza among the first options. We take pride in serving the best chicken dishes with savory fresh salads that will awaken your taste buds.

We enjoy working with the locals to get the vegetables for our fresh salads. This is one of the reasons that has contributed to Z-Place Pizza gaining popularity in North Manchester and Markle. Before tasting our cuisines, you won’t believe that we are the best joint in the area. Our recipes are carefully crafted to bring together a blend of spices to create the perfect dish for you or to be shared with your family or spouse. Our dishes are mouthwatering, succulent and incredibly delicious. Coupled with the ambiance that we offer, you are in for a great treat. The unexpected combination of the ingredients and the chicken drenched in lemon will wow your palate.

We are definitely like no other restaurant in the area as our unique recipes and customer service distinguish us from our competitors. We maintain a high level of cleanliness and the tables are well arranged in an atmosphere that is calming with great interiors creating the perfect ambiance for dining. Your taste buds will be tickled, with just the right amount of rosemary coupled with other ingredients to make a finger-licking meal. If you are looking for the perfect place to spend time with your spouse while enjoying a good meal, then Z-Place Pizza is the right place for you.

Chicken Dishes

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